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Had two sonagrams today and it was very nice!

I have been having some pains here and there so I got a blood test. The test was a little elavated so I scheduled a Stomach sonagram and a testical sonagram! I was hoping I did not have to drink that milky water and went this morning to the outpatientat the hospital. I did not really know what to expect even after looking on the net! Too my suprise a very nice good looking nurse about 30 was giving me the test
The stomach test took about 20 min with the warn cream on my right side of the breast area. I had to take a deep breath several times but it was plesant I only had to lift my shirt and lay on a bed.
After that I had to undress and had a sheet over me. A towel was given to me to hold above the lower area for less exposure. I was hoping the world would not end for at least another half a hour! It took about 20 minutes and was very plesant. If you have to get a sonagram II hope this makes it easier for you. She was very professional and you have to appreciate doctors and nurses I do!
I ask the nurse if her husband fished and gave her my bobber card and said to e-mail me and I would send him a couple free samples! she lives near a lake where I caught some nice walleye about 12 years ago in Summerset Pa.She even mentioned that she would call me for carpet. How about that?
I just hope I don't get another kidney stone like I had 15 years ago. I will never forget that!
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As I've gotten older, I find myself getting more procedures and tests than I care to think about.

The least appealing is the dreaded colonoscopy that was not near as bad as the day priors prep work. The Dr's. could have driven a Buick up my hind end the day of the procedure and I wouldn't have know a thing----well, not right away anyhow.

I cringed when you mentioned kidney stones. I've had such serious bouts with them prior to having to have surgery to remove 2 small parathyroid tumors and one of my parathyroid glands. The level of calcium that was being dumped into my bloodstream was almost 4 times normal due to the faulty glands. This was done 2 summers ago and since then I've had minor issues with stones but nothing like before. Kind of hard to believe things so small can cause so much agony isn't it!!

There are a lot of young ladies getting into the medical field and we have 2 M.D.'s in our extended family along with 3 R.N.'s

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