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Well, That's from the Government

I am a little exhausted from arguing with my Imaginary Self. Just TRY to come up with water-tight facts.

Putting information in a bucket without it sloshing over the sides as modern American life stumbles on . . . Have you ever wished for a lid? Contain all fact. Yeah. I'm starting a church . . . no wait, that's already been done.

Here's the deal: say that information is from the government, result -- Well, That's from the Government . . .

. . . obviously open to suspicion.

But, it uses data from a university study -- Well, you can find a So-called Expert Somewhere for just about Anything . . .

But, it is UC Berkeley, a top tier research school -- Well, Berkeley! There's Nobody grounded in Reality There . . .

But, the lead researcher has a PhD -- Well, he's an Egghead in an Ivory Tower . . .

But, he used information provided by the United Nations -- Well, Only an Idiot would trust Those People . . .

But, this was peer-reviewed throughout the US -- Well, There's this Anti-American sentiment amongst All Those Eggheads . . .

But, he's French -- ..................................................!


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Cynthia you go first. :wink:


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Did we settle second amendment rights already?

Sloshing ideas and water tight facts with lids paints a great image.

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sorry to be not surprised.

information / research comes from many many many sources.

some are reputable, some are just quacks of the worst sort.

even in the reputable category, some "research" is:
limited in scope
got out-right bamboozled

going back through history, there are many instances where the "first inklings" of an issue definition / problem / solution are right on, or perhaps indicative of "real truth," or turns out "done dead wrong"

basically, until the revelations are peer reviewed and some substance attached to the findings, one should most definitely treat those "facts" with a very large dose of skepticism.

"the government" produces statistics and "facts" that are typically 5-500 years out of date. to twit: how to cook pork. some 30-50 years after some other government agency "discovered" pork borne trichinosis to be an exceedingly rare event, we now have 'new' guidelines on how much ash to generate when cooking pork.

census data: a census is taken every ten years. but thew results of the census is not available for 8-9 years after it was taken. obviously "the gummymint" has not yet discovered "computers" much less "super-computers"

IRS data on tax filings - basically same, change the year data a bit.

educational entities: they're all waiting for another $4 billion grant to re-study what they got $1 billion to study before. obviously they don't trust themselves.

inject common sense.

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I understand your frustration. I get seriously peed over so called "research grants" I honestly hope that "Big Foot" is never found - poor guy. It does tick me off that money is being spent on trying to find him. What a crock. Let the poor old guy alone.

We certainly don't need to spend money on how to spend money on education. Some of the least funded districts in the country have the best education results because they focus on quality not quantity.

When it comes to research I have to give credit to LSU - our state land grant university. In conjunction with the county extension offices they provide a wealth of free, research based, region specific, easily accessible information on both agriculture and horticulture. I am blessed with a very responsive County Agent plus the info provided by LSU. A major gardener's helper.

Not all good but not all bad either.

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