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cynthia_h wrote:Turned into ash?! End of the world?!

I'm still downstairs, and I'm still cold. :x

Tried to keep warm last night by re-organizing my knitting/crochet yarn. (Yes, I have several projects in progress!)

Please no more talk about your knickers. :shock:

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DoubleDogFarm wrote: Please no more talk about your knickers. :shock:
But it's my HANDS that are cold.... And my feet. Still. Heavier socks, more layers of clothing, just aren't doing the job. And I refuse to pay $$$ to our local utility, PG&E, whose national profile was no doubt raised considerably when one of their gas lines exploded in San Bruno in September 2010, killing 8 and wounding dozens more, destroying dozens of homes.

My thermostat (for the house, anyway...) is set on 65 deg F. Upstairs it's nice enough; it just so happens (hmm...) that my work station is downstairs. Grump....


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