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Farewell to Kisal, Moderator par excellence

Tears in my eyes (no exaggeration), I write to let the many members of this forum know that Kisal, the long-time moderator, has written a formal farewell to us all.

Kisal struggled for the entire period of her moderator-ship with cancer but didn't want it discussed on the open forums. I don't know what form her cancer initially took, but I do know that it--and the treatments for it--eventually ravaged her sense of balance and her vision, and ultimately robbed her of all gardening pleasure except that of giving good advice here on the forum and sitting in her own space outdoors. When she could no longer sustain sitting outdoors, she posted from her bed (whether in hospital or at home).

I have written a private tribute to her in the Mod Forum (yes, we have a "private" place to talk to one another without using the PM system so that all mods can see a "PM" at once). This thread is for members to speak to Kisal--if it's not too late--and let them know how her knowledge has helped them deal with gardening problems/pleasures.

Thank you. We tread life's path all too short a time.

Cynthia H.

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Life is precious live each and every day.

How The Flowers Grow
by Gariel Setoun

This is how the flowers grow:
I have watched them and I know.

First, above the ground is seen
A tiny blade of purest green,
Reaching up and peeping forth
East and west and south and north

Then it shoots up day by day,
Circling in a curious way
Round a blossom, which it keeps
Warm and cozy while it sleeps.

When the sunbeams find their way
To the sleeping bud and say,
"We are children of the sun
Sent to wake thee, little one."

And the leaflet opening wide
Shows the tiny bud inside,
Peeping with half-opened eye
On the bright and sunny sky.

Breezes from the west and south
Lay their kisses on its mouth;
Till the petals all are grown,
And the bud's a flower blown.

This is how the flowers grow:
I have watched them and I know.

Kisal, Inner peace and love of family.


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I am new to the forum and have not had the pleasure if Kisal's company. Obviously someone much loved and admired. Doubledog your tribute is lovely and very appropriate for a member of this forum.

I understand Kisal's decision to stop chemo. There comes a point where existance does not equate to living. For her family's sake I am glad that she was able to make her own life decision. Had she gone into a coma or other non cognative state her family would have had to make that decision. My Uncle died 3 weeks ago after deciding to get of off dialysis. It is always heartbreaking to lose a loved one but it is much better when they are able to leave this world with dignity.

I have said a prayer asking God's blessing on Kisal and her family. Many condolences to her family and friends.

Susan W
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I am shocked, saddened and speechless. I did not know of Kisal's battle with the cancer, just knew her here in our own way of sharing.

Peace and God bless, dear lady.

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Kisal, you have enriched my life with words. You actually understand my sense of humor. You've taken the time to let me know it. You are a gentle and kind soul. You are a great part of my wealth. You have a wonderful understanding of silly. That's rare. Thank you for never needing an explanation of it.

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There was a lovely sunset to the southwest this afternoon. I thought of Kisal and the joy she wrote of the warm days, sunshine and clouds. And, I read this:

To make myself understood and to diminish the distance between us, I called out: "I am an evening cloud too." They stopped still, evidently taking a good look at me. Then they stretched towards me their fine, transparent, rosy wings. That is how evening clouds greet each other. They had recognized me. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke


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Her expertise and kind advice and descriptive touches will be much missed around here. She has faced her struggles with courage and dignity.

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This makes me really sad. I remember Kisal being one of the first people that I saw on THG when I first joined. She contributed to a lot of my thread with very great advice. I'll miss seeing her around and I hope she finds strength and peace in these hard times.

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This is sad to hear! Kisal has been one of the people here that have given a lot tohelping others and some one I have looked up to.

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Kisal, I'll miss you terribly. You were one of the first to welcome me here and I've enjoyed arguing the finer points of tropical fruit with you more perhaps than you realize.

Best of luck on your journey, and many happy returns.

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Kisal, You think that you reached a point where you could no longer garden. I think that you simply changed mediums from soil to flesh, our hearts and minds. You shared your love of gardening with us, and taught things to assist us in gardening. I look around this forum and see the flowers of your love growing, and blooming, and bearing fruit.

I have read here, alot more often than I posted in the last year or so. I couldn't think of much to say, or to add to posts, but I enjoyed reading them.

Kisal has become a part of this forum, and all of us. She can never die, cancer can not win. Oh, it may get her flesh, but she will live on in our hearts, in our gardens, and in this forum. May, you draw as much comfort from this forum, and the love for you here, as you have given to all of us. I think that kisal is a type of rope, and you have tied us all together!

Until we meet again, dear friend.

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Kisal joined this forum in 2008, almost five years ago, and became a moderator because of her generous spirit, because she embodied many of the positive qualities this forum aspires to. I have appreciated her even temper, helpfulness, and sage advice and counsel on issues pertaining to the board. Her contributions behind the scenes in how the forum is run are largely unseen by members outside of the moderator circle but the positive influence of her efforts have no doubt been happily felt by all the members. This world is a better place because of her. It has been an honor and a blessing to have her with us on this forum.

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I shall miss your wonderful advice. You have taught me much.



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I don't know what to say, except I am so sad. Yes I am crying as I type this. :(

Kisal you helped teach me so much, without making me think I was totally stupid. You were terribly kind to me throughout my houseplant journey.

GOD will guide you always in "his" garden, as you have guided us in yours.


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