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Ahhhh! I can't take this!!!!!

The weather here has been absolutely absurd. Our high for the day is 78 degrees!!!
I've been cleaning up garden beds and weeding and my lillies are already coming up and it's only the middle of march.
Why am I complaining about this when there would normally be snow on the ground do you ask?
Because the asian beetles, box elder bugs, and FLIES are already in beating my house in mass quantities.
The farmers almanac is calling for us to get snow in may. -sigh-
So I guess I'll just enjoy the 70's while it's here and start some seeds.

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Crazy weather, I understand that. I'm right on the edge of the Canadian prairies right beside the rocky mountains. -20 celsius one day +10 celsius the next. My daffodils and tulips are just poking through the ground. I have just pruned my apple tree and have begun cutting down the old growth on my perennial plants. Greenhouse has the heaters running and all my geraniums have been moved in.
My rice (black madras) has germinated and will be planting tomato seeds this weekend.
Dixana, what seeds are you germinating? I grow all my flowers from seed.

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