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If we keep de-financing our government we'll soon be as great a nation a Somalia.

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DoubleDogFarm wrote:Herpes :shock:

that's funny, I was going to say 'scabies'.

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I was going to say the noxious gas being released by my posterior at this time.

You don't want to share that I can tell you that.

MG I'll be by around 4:30, I have to russel up some black clothes first though. :lol:

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Sounds a bit worse than our mostly rural county that has one deputy for north half and one for south half! Then people complain about poor service!!
People will wise up some day not to jump on the politicians version of downsizing always means us regular people are hurt. My idea of downsizing government is to cut politicians pay, retirement and perks, and get rid of our lobbyist sysytem!
Sorry for the rant! :wink:

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My first thought was Dandilions - even though I love them, most other folks would strangle me if I shared my patch....

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I like dandelions too, and would never weed them. My pet rabbits love the leaves and flowers.

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