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Thanks for the app Dillbert I am checking that out soon.

I have been aroudn computers since the DOS day's and have dabbeld in programming so I know my way around and totally understand about all the junk files that ruin a good system.

But help is always good. Thanks again.

Gonna take my kids new laptop back to Best Buy tommorow. I'm getting the Blue Screen of Death. I have always been able to rectify such problems but this one has me stumped, I even called my IT cousin and he is confused. The Laptop is less than a month old and my kid did nothing to bring this about, or at least that is what he says. I can't even bring it up in safe mode. I guess I could run a bootable vrius scan but I'm gonna let the JerkSquad at Best Buy deal with it. They have not made me happy as of late with other issues. :wink:

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This s a windows machine right? But if its a Mac OSX, then try resetting the PRAM ( I've no clue if there is an equivalent for Windows)

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computers, being machines, do fail - and if they're gonna do that, they tend to fail fairly early on in life - could be a fatal hardware issue.

does it make it past POST?

if it has a CD drive and you have made the "rescue" disks you could try booting it from the CD drive. if it works that eliminates a substantial portion of hardware from the failure chain.

it's also possible to make a bootable flash/thumb drive - easiest done while the machine is alive; can be very tedious to make a suitable boot on a different machine.

if you have any disk imaging software, most of those will make a bootable CD (typically Unix based) - again only to prove some basic hardware/software issues.

at one month, I'd also be quite ready to take it back - if it is a hardware issue, that will have to happen anyway.....

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