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Itchy Scalp? Nail it.



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I saw nail and brain in the link. Not gonna look.

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Re: Itchy Scalp? Nail it.

DoubleDogFarm wrote:


I know several people that had nail gun accidents, none near as severe as a nail in the brain though.

My brother-in-law was building a house and using a nail gun that had a faulty trigger that allowed it to shoot nails if you simply bumped the plunger against something. He was climbing a ladder with the nail gun attached to the hose and carrying it by the hose. Yep, the gun bumped against his leg and shot a nail into his calf. Too bad he was using the framing nailer since the nails are 3 1/2 inches long and it embedded beneath the skin. AFTER that incident, he sent the gun in for repair to fix the trigger.

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