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Picking up the dog doo - Longgg winter

I'm thinking I have a lot dog poop to pick up in the backyard... I am afraid to go back there to see what my 2 Greater Swiss Mountain dogs have laid.

Yes - I should have been keeping up with it...New baby is the only excuse I have.

Any tips or tricks?

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It is this time of year that I miss having my son at home. We have two large labs and as the snow melts, more and more poo gets uncovered. My hubby prefers a shovel, I prefer a pooper scooper, like pictured near the bottom of this page.

I put a book on my mp3 player and hit the yard, it makes the time go much faster and makes the job not quite so horrible

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I added a new chore to my 14 year old son's list about 2 months ago. "Poop Patrol". He hits it everyday afterschool. Yard looks good again.

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If you have sand or compost or mild manure or topsoil in dry loose form, I'd go out with a bag and identify all the deposits first. Scan, toss a bit of contrasting material over the piles, move on to scan some more. Then when you go with a shovel you can pick up a few deposits at a time.

Of course if you are just now seeing them with snow melt, they'll be easy to spot.

Different things work for different people.

If I'm out for a walk, I carry the plastic sleeves the newspapers come in, slip it over my hand and pick up the stuff, then invert the bag. That would be harder to do with multiple deposits, but I've done it with a large dog's piles too.

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