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Early in the morning, when the dew is heavy, the spider wonderland is surreal. On both the lawn and the trees, more real estate is covered by various web than is free from them.

Speaking of the critters, yesterday I kind of wondered if I had a spider bite, several actually, on the under side of my arm. There were three marks that itched somewhat, and when I rubbed the area, the skin just melted away as if it was half digested. Now the nickel sized area has a secondary pink ring that extends out a little larger than a half dollar. Doesn't hurt much, is not abnormally warm to the touch, doesn't seem to be getting worse and doesn't seem to be very deep. Still am wondering, as I don't remember injuring the area, though have been hauling some oak limbs which could have scratched through my shirt. Guess I'll watch it a few more days.

Bite area? looks a little odd because it is covered with liquid bandage. Kind of gross huh!


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Looks like a bite of some sort, to me.

I have those holes in my garden! I wonder if they're spider homes... I've always wondered what bores a perfectly circular, dime-nickel sized hole in the lawn and the garden but have never been brave enough to burrow down one to look and see if I can find out.

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Alex I'd remove that liquid bandage and boil that out with either alcohol or peroxide and leave it out to air. I can't tell very well from the pic but it's looks kind of pussy and should be allowed to drain. How big is it? If it's still seeping by tomorrow you should probably have it looked at before the weekend comes.

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Lol @ the OP! :lol: Thanks for sharing that. :D
I lost my tarantula. She was on my bed and I forgot to put her back in the tank and then she was just gone. But I can get one of these soon and I'm naming her Alix! She can live 30 years.


The only ones I don't like are the brown recluses and we have a lot of those here. But we always have Adolphs meat tenderizer for that. Telegraph spiders are really cool too and so are jumping spiders! :D

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