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Tough week

It's been a tough week+ with the inevitable placing of my 84 yr. old father-in-law in a nursing home/ rehab facility. Until yesterday he was living with a lady friend that has shared her life with him for the past 4 years, but at age 79 and also in failing health, it finally became impossible for her to give him the type of care he needed.

He's a tough old bird and only this November found out he beat lung cancer and was declared cancer free after almost a years worth of treatments of various sorts. He caught pneumonia over the New Year's holiday and it took all the wind out of his sails and left him so weak he can't stand, walk or take care of himself an almost any manner without assistance. I've been to their house(170 miles from mine) twice for over a week at a time to try to help with his recovery but it became obvious he needs more than I, or any family member, can give.

Fortunately, one of his sons made the decision to do this but it was left to me to tell him what was about to happen. Man, that was a tough call and I don't wish it on anyone. All I know is, it is not nice to outlive your health.

He's now in a good facility and he's much closer to his family with several members within an hour or less of the facility as opposed to 3-4 hrs. away where he lived before.

He's another one of the "Greatest Generation" that served in WWII and lied about his age to enter the Navy at age 16 and found himself smack in the middle of the Pacific Campaign piloting the landing crafts that brought troops to the beaches of so many islands that the Japanese held.

I admire that old man and have a lot of love for him. I just pray that his remaining years are filled with as much happiness and love as he can stand.

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I will pray for him as well!

I know it will be a big change for him.

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My pop died august a year ago. He was a landing craft pilot as well. His first LST was sunk at North Africa. His second was sunk at Anzio.

My best to the old man. He's in my prayers.

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Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. His son got him a cell phone with voice recognition so he can simply say who he wants to call and it will dial on its own. Since dexterity is an issue and cell phones are soooo small these days, that is a good thing.

My wife and I spoke to him last night and he sounds like he's doing as well as can be expected. One good thing is, he likes the food so far. However, when we go to visit him, I will cook something he likes and take it to him. We'll be there sometime this weekend so my wife can see the place and have some time with him.

Again, thanks. This place rocks.

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I know how you feel. My father is 84 and he had a stroke a year ago. Until then he had been blessed with good health and was very independant. The stroke left his motor skills very limited and he could no longer do for himself. We found a very nice nearby facillity although hates the food. When we first told him the plan it killled us and him also. He didn't want to leave his home of 40 years. He has been there a year now and he has kind of got to like it. He participates in activities more socializing more and is starting to like the food although I think he always did. As hard as it was for us I know we did the right thing for him and his safety as you all did for your father in law.

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