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Is the chicken local?

Funny sketch comedy. Portlandia

Pokes a little fun at us PNW organic minded.

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Sadly, I know a couple like that. I offered them a cup of coffee one day, and it went like this:

Them: "Is it real coffee, or decaf? We only drink real coffee."

Me: "It's real coffee."

Them: "Did you grind the beans here at home or at the store?"

Me: "Here at home, just before I made the coffee."

Them: "Is it fair trade coffee? We don't drink coffee that isn't fair trade."

Me: "Yes, it's fair trade."

Them: "Is it shade grown? We don't like coffee that isn't shade grown."

Me, getting the package of coffee beans out of the cabinet: "Yes, it's shade grown."

Them: "No, thanks, we brought a thermos of coffee from home."

Me: :roll:
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I can relate.


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I have absolutely no patience for people like that. I'm more along the lines of the "Soup Nazi" from the Seinfeld show. This is what I cook, either eat it or get busy getting away from me before I lose my patience with inane questions.

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60 miles round trip....

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