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From the Ground Up

Hi Guys,

Been a lurker here with MUCH more to learn than to contribute. We have a small backyard garden that feeds two for a summer, and we've avoided many pitfalls from advice found here and on other forums. Anyways, I thought some of you kind folk might enjoy this delightfull litany of garden variety puns my wife wrote after seeing the first colorful seed catalog of the year:

"Gathered lilies, gentian, boysenberry, gorse: Lentil ears, and I shall not beet about the bush. Zucchini cauliflower by any other name, yet thistle not asparagus, nor will it stem, the pain of our currant trees on trial..."

The whole punful post is here:

From the Ground Up: Can Yew Dig It?

And no, we're not selling anything. We would if we could, but there's barely enough for the two of us! Have fun! --J.

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