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My frogs have been neglected

I have two green tree frogs, also known as White's tree frogs, native to Australia. They're about 10 years old and used to have a nice vivarium set up with a pot plant and potting mix which led up to a pool of water which they rarely enter but they like it anyway. When my sister, who was looking after them, moved away, my mother decided the potting mix wasn't good for them and right now their aquarium is pretty sorry-looking, with just a bit of aquarium gravel in the bottom and no way for them to get into their pool, which is basically an insect graveyard. I thought my mum was daft to think that dirt was bad for them, but I'm thinking now that maybe potting mix wasn't the best thing for them. I'd like to fix up their vivarium and put a nice plant in it for them. What kind of growing medium would you suggest I put in it?

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Potting mix was what I used in the tank I set up for my son's garter snakes. I figured they lived in the back yard, so their natural habitat was soil with plants to hide among, and a clear space where they could bask in the sun. They lived there for a few years, until we moved. We released them back into the back yard, instead of putting them in a larger tank.

I suggest that you set up your vivarium with the same types of materials the frogs would live among if they were free in the wild. Somehow, I doubt they live on the kind of gravel sold for use in aquariums, but I've never been to Australia, so I can't speak with certainty about that. ;)
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Hahaha thanks Kisal. I forgot to say the thing I was worried about was possible chemicals or dust in the potting mix. It's encouraging to hear that potting mix has been fine for your snakes. I thin I'll try and find some certified organic potting mix and keep it moist as that would be healthiest for them.

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There's a mixture out called Plantation soil. It comes in blocks and you put it in water to sweel up and then put what you need in there. Don't put the whole block in, there's lots of stuff packed in there!---But the key word here is TREE frog's, you need something they can climb on. That is strong enough to hold them. Try a Snake plant or something similiar, or get branches from a pet store and put in there. They love that. Definately not ground dweller's.--Good Luck with them, they are cute!---Try the dollar store to, for artificial plants. They are strong.

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We have green tree frogs everywhere up here due to the rains at the moment!
I have never tried to keep frogs, but found this site which may be useful:

(looks like a SA business, maybe they could even respond to phone enquiries...)

And also..


Visiting the Reptile house or Aquarium at your local wildlife park/zoo may shed some light as to what frogs may like as well. Apparently frogs are more likely to stay on the rocks and sides of the tanks than swim around in water. Use clean rainwater, or leave tap water for a week to dechlorinate if re-filling the vivarium.

I love green tree frogs, they're so cute! :lol:
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Oh hey thanks guys. I'd forgotten about this post. I ended up using organic garden soil. I think they like it. Funnily enough my family runs an aquarium business so I know that Adelaide Hills water has no chance of dechlorinating and dechloraminating in a week, but I use tap water conditioner . :)
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Shame I didn't see this earlier, since I keep a couple of treefrogs and work at a pet store, I could have helped you out. Organic garden soil/top soil is fine, so is coir (coconut husk/tropical soil). You can also add sphagnum or spanish moss to help with any humidity issues you might have.

As far as plants go, pothos is a great plant to put in any reptile/amphibian terrarium. The animals fertilize the pothos and the pothos provides hiding places and, again, helps to raise the humidity. Bromeliads can also be used, but they tend to get knocked over in treefrog enclosures unless they're well rooted/anchored. There are a few others that are safe too, I'll have to see if I can dig up my list.
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