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Same to you MG. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays even though it does entail a lot of work for a couple days to make it special. Small price to pay for gathering with family and friends though.

I've got many things to be thankful for and won't go into the whole list here to save bandwidth. Suffice it to say, I do feel blessed to have the love and support of a fine family, mutual respect and appreciation of the many friends I've garnered over the years, and the overall health to enjoy my life pretty much as I want to.

It is also nice to share a common interest with so many folks via this group. I log on daily, sometimes several times to see who's doing what and if I can add anything of interest. Bottom line, I'm thankful for this site and the folks that make it happen.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :D

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Happy ThanksGiving! :flower:

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