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Hi all I've been so busy!!

Hi all it has been crazy here and hard to even pick and process all the garden crops, we had to waste some of them by letting it go to long but in between every thing else we have been working on it. Last week my wife ended up back in the emergency room so not much help from her for a few days.
We had plans to go to Seattle for a party so we went last weekend. Have any of you Washingtonians been to the Museum of flight or the Music Experience Museums? My wife’s cousin and here husband own the company that made most of the displays in The Flight Museum and some of the EMP museum and it was his 65th birthday, I had volunteered to video the roast speeches and take some photos of it for them so we kind of had to go; it was a lot of fun any ways.
We came home from Seattle and for three days I worked on our road; we put down twelve 15-yard trucks of recycled asphalt over 1/3 of a mile. Then I constructed a 5-foot by 4-foot shed for the home generator I just got. I am still wiring the house to the transfer switch. I will have to work on my roof soon as it started a leak and pour a slab for an out building I am going to put up this fall. Monday and Tuesday I will be cutting trees and splitting firewood about a 40 minute drive from here.
No rest for the wicked!
But I did get a treat!
My birthday was Monday so yesterday I went to the music store and got my self a birthday present; I got a new Fender American Stratocaster HSS.
I am starting to get a small collection of guitars now; I am up to 7 of them and I only have eyes for one more right now. I have to limit my wants and needs you know.


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Happy Belated Birthday! :D

... oh, and I hope your wife is feeling better. Sending well wishes her way! :bouncey:

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