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Peppercorn is beautiful with a scar that lends an air of mystery, of je nais se quoi, or sultry mien. She says, "Don't hate me because I am beautiful!" only in Doglish with just a trace of an intriguing accent.
More of a West coast drool. :lol:


He doesn't do much climbing or jumping. He's at the stage where I have to help him into the truck but jumps out just fine.

The last flare up, it didn't get as large or red. He licked it, but it did split open like previous times. I'm thinking he has a bone spur or some foreign matter still in the webbing. :?


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My Brother and SIL lost their three cats all at once/in succession due to what could only have been ISS. This was shortly before my vet started using the mnemonic (he said) to remember which vaccine was injected at which location. (It was something like Left something -- foreleg? for Feline Leukemia, etc.)

My cat who died when he was 18-1/2 yrs old suffered from hyperthyroidism during his last few years. Until then, he received his yearly injections, but I talked the vet into skipping them because he was having a bad reaction to his thyroid medication. That was the first fall EVER that he did NOT have a bald spot on his neck from scratching and biting himself until he bled.

I was appalled to realize -- only then -- that he had been suffering from some kind of reaction to his vaccine injections every year. EVERY YEAR, he had scratched himself bald, and the vet never once attributed it to a possible problem with the treatment he had received in the summer. One year, he even had to wear one of those cones because he was gauging himself open. :evil:

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Applestar, the year before my girl's ISS, she also scratched her shoulder and neck to the raw skin. Thick fur, cross of Maine Coon somehow most likely with a dense dense dense undercoat, and she still got to the skin. Vet thought it was a flea allergy. Now I'm wondering if that was a vaccination reaction...

Vets and docs don't know everything, and kinda learn to ignore some of what we mere humans tell them because of the things they do know. Pregnancy for any genus and species that have live births is a health risk. Really risky, fraught with danger, with complications, can damage the mother's life irreparably. Of course obstetricians and vets aren't going to tell you that, but if you have an endocrinologist or cardiologist or rheumatologist, they'll tell you the risks as they understand they will affect you. And yet animals continue to practice unsafe sex. Go figure.

Vaccines save lives. They save us all from hotbeds of local disease for humans or pets. They save the feral and stray populations to some extent too. Vaccines can have a traumatic personal impact, but the macro impact is undoubtedly for our collective good.

If our vets knew that our poor kitties necks were likely the result of adverse vaccination reaction, they'd still recommend the vaccination because of the greater impact. Plus, miserable itchy pet for a few weeks or death by FIV with potential infection to a wider population? What to do, what to do. You and I know we'd save our loved ones and be scrupulously sure that they were safe from other sources of infection, like no hanging with the homey-cats behind the 7-11. Most people wouldn't. Vets and docs have a responsibility to the planet's population first.

I'm thinking it's possible our vets knew it was likely an adverse reaction to a vaccination that would resolve in a few weeks, but they didn't have alternatives to offer at that time.

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2 of my cats are scratching themselves bald, and they got their rabies last month. I bet that's it. That's been driving me crazy. And I should've gotten that, bc my dachshund always has bad reactions, so I usually watch everybody really closely after vaccinations.

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Thenrose I know humans who also do not use safe sex, oh you did say animals practice unsafe sex.
No one knows every thing and doctors are no different.

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