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encounter with old buddy

I stopped at the Tiger Mart a few days ago, and tried to avoid the guy leaning against the wall (you know the ones who bum for $) When I pulled up had an odd feeling about him. Walked towards the door and heard 'Susan?"
Went back and put pieces together. He was involved with the black powder (muzzleloading) and 18th c stuff here. I have shared campfires, visits etc with him. Last heard, he was sinking with the drugs (from a mutual friend). Lost work/business (had a little locksmithing business), wife (remember when he brought his girlfriend-wife out to meet us), the kids they took in etc.

I went in and got my stuff plus a sandwich and juice for him. He about fell out. He's diabetic and hypertension.
A couple days later saw him and had a couple of old issues of Muzzleloader Magazine for him. He about cried. Never know if it helps to remind someone of a better time, or hurts. With his permission will call to some clinics tomorrow (Monday).
We can only hope and pray that he is ready for a move up from sleeping behind the dumpster. He will need help, (medical, mental, substance abuse ). I am not Mother Theresa, but can drive him to a clinic.
BTW, not giving any $, but can get him a sandwich, piece of fruit etc.

Have any of you had these difficult situations to know the street person. It is heartbreaking.

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Yep Susan, I can relate a bit. I once had a brother-in-law that got in trouble with the law from time to time due to drug use, stealing to fund his habit etc.

He spent time in jail on 3 occasions, would clean up, put on weight, swear up and down he would change but as soon as he hit the streets, he was back to his old ways.

Unfortunately, he contracted the AIDS virus from sharing needles with his fellow junkie friends and died a horrible death in a medical facility strapped to a bed and weighing less than 90 lbs. That was 15 yrs. ago and, to my knowledge, all the folks he did drugs with are either dead or in prison now.

I too never gave him money. I knew where it would wind up. I would feed him, give him clothes and on a few occasions, gave him a place to sleep. That last one came with the stipulation that if ANYTHING came up missing from my house, I was done with him. I was there the day he passed and it was a relief that he was out of the misery he put himself and his family through.

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I've thought about it a lot over the years and continue to be thankful that no one in my extended family has an addiction to anything stronger than tobacco. We have lost a few friends early in their lives due to alcohol addiction and we have witnessed destruction of a few families due to alcohol addiction. I see people on the streets living and moving in the shadows and I ask myself why. I've seen a few people, who for some unknown reason; I couldn't simply pass by and forget about in the next couple of minutes. I would normally stop long enough to spend a few minutes getting them something to eat. I've never been able to not help feed someone, but I also never give them money to feed their addiction.

I've always believed most peoples condition in life is a direct result of choices they have made in life. Normally we can't go back and change a choice we made in the past, but we can begin to make the right choices any day at any moment.


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The act of taking a drug to alter ones mental state is something I don't have the ability to understand. I do understand some people can stabilize mental or mood abnormalities with physician prescribed drugs, but the thought of recreational drug use for pleasure is beyond my ability to understand. Why do people feel they need to escape reality and turn to a state of mental unreality?

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