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Anyone watch "The Dog Whisperer"? If all he does is true, he has an amazing way with animals. He's a great animal and people psychologist.
A great promoter of confidence.

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lily51 wrote:Anyone watch "The Dog Whisperer"? If all he does is true, he has an amazing way with animals. He's a great animal and people psychologist.
A great promoter of confidence.
I used to watch the show, but watch almost no tv during gardening season. He is very good. I always felt he only taught one thing and that is the fact that all dogs are pack animals. It is their nature to establish their rank within a pack and then spend their lives filling the role the rank requires. He teaches that a dog owner should always demonstrate that he or she is the pack leader and the dog will be subservient to the owner or pack leader.

When I first watched the show, I thought the lessons he was teaching could be applied to raising children, but they really are not good for children because we don't want children to learn to be subservient. We try to teach children survival through independence or self reliance.


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I think that the cesar millan is absoloutely excellent too. Not only can you apply his tactics with dogs, but horses, cattle etc. They ALL need an Alpha leader.----Children, well??? not so much, LOL!!! :wink:

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I feel the same way in my opinion they ought to be shot(not really well mabye :twisted:) but it just kills me to see these animals in such terrible condition :cry:

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I know, I hate to see animals suffer, I can't understand how people can do that?? If they don't want it, give it away!!! Don't let cruelty come first. :(

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Having rescued more dogs than I can count, I understand and share your anger. My first step would be to spend a couple days getting photos as proof of the dog's abuse. This makes it harder for people to lie to the authorities. During those couple days, you could try to gain the dogs confidence. Treats first thrown over then handed through the fence can help. Avoid eye contact when possible so as not to seem threatening, and keep as low to the ground as possible. Use a quiet and soothing voice to talk to him. Visit as many times a day as possible. If there is any response from the dog over this period, then it probably isn't too late for rehab. A "hopeless" dog probably won't accept food, so even if he barks, growls, etc. but still takes the treat, it's a good sign. When I've had to bring authorities in, I always call the police as well as the appropriate animal authorities. Once the dog has been taken to the shelter, go visit right away. Keep in mind that the dog feels that his life has just made a turn for the worse, and seeing a person that was kind can help lift his spirits. Take the same treats that you were offering over the fence. Use the same kind voice. Aggression in dogs is almost always rooted in their fear and not in animosity toward us. If you can break through that barrier, then the dog has much better chances of finding a good, caring home.
I know that I'm really simplifying here, and people have told me that I tend to sugar-coat the rehab process, but I have gotten many dogs out of similar situations using these basic guidelines. I've run across very few that can't be helped. Unfortunately, pups that have been raised in this situation are almost always the "hopeless" ones. But even if there's a glimmer way back in the dogs mind of people at one time being nice, there's often a way to find it. The downside is that it can take years to undo the damage.
One thing I've found never to do is confront the owner. Often anger meant toward you will end up directed toward the dog.
I won't go on and on here, but if I can help, feel free to post again or PM me.

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Taking photos of the dog sounds like a great idea even though I have been told repeatedly just to stay out of it. I think taking pictures of their abused animals may eventually help if I do end up taking action... I feel this dog is to far gone as he charges people and nips at people heels as they are coming up to "our" door ( go figure its not even our dog but since they live so close he is pestering our guests as well as us. ) All together I would love to just take all of their animals away from them and bane them from "ever" getting another animal again.. but unfortunately thats just not how things work here. :( they would most likely take a child from a none abusive parent who was just simply disciplining their child before taking a severely abused animal away from abusive owners.

I think the reason why people are telling me not to get involved with it is because a small dispute about animals can turn into hate and even anger from the neighbors causing problems with us living here. If they were to find out or even suspect that we were the ones that turned them in our lives here would turn to hell.

I've been feeding their cats (they have three that I know of) that are just skin and bone. But that is only when they let them out of their cluttered garage. Even the cats act as though they have never seen an ounce of love in their lives since the care of their mother at birth. My moments with them are fairly short as they only come over at night and I fear the owners might come over and say something. I have gained the cats acceptance.. but they never let me get close enough to touch them. One of them will play with a piece of yarn with me but never gets to close. The other two only take treats and food.

I found something interesting a couple days after I put food and water dishes out in my front yard they went missing. They completely disappeared and so did the kittens for about a week. I'm thinking the neighbors may have taken the bowls and locked up the kittens thinking I was trying to take them or something. I put another two dishes out for them but this time with a sign that says "Do not touch" So far the dishes are still there but the kittens now only come out every few days at a time to eat. I also put a water dish out where their abused dog normally hangs out but on our side and a couple days later I saw it was upside down next to their house.... What is their problem? Do they honestly want their animals to suffer? Its Bull... and it angers me so much. I hate that I can't just freeze time and make everything better in those animals lives without their abusive owners knowing until those animals are already safe and sound from harm.

Sorry so long :( *sigh*

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