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A food preservation/canning catergory would be great.

I should have "Still thinking" in front of the title but it wouldn't fit.

We have talked about this before. I myself would really like a dedicated section or subsection for food preservation and canning. There is so much involved with this it almost needs it's own spot.
I realize the forum is pretty well clogged up as it is but still to me this is important.

Another thing I would really like and not sure if this is possible with the format of this forums programming is to be able to select what sections can be hidden. That would help out with the added sections so as to not get to inundated with choices. No offense to the forum but there are several sections I never go into mainly because I don't know anything about or have for example a Japanese Garden or Lilacs or Bonsai. If we could choose to de-select these sections it would make navigation much more simple.

Just a few thoughts.

Thanks for listening


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