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Cute Kid Moment's

So I don't have any bio kids but I do help my partner raise his 7 y/o son. Bubba has been a part of my life for a few years now and I find myself being taught more than doing the teaching when it comes to him. (this was a surprise to me to say the least) Any way's we had a rough go of it while trying to adjust to all this change and along the way got some great story's to traumatize him with later on in life when he begins dating! :twisted:

So last night I was nervously preparing dinner, why so nervous you ask? Well my little guy is a VERY picky eater. He won't eat much of anything and what he will eat is predominantly what I call "box food" anything chalk full of preservatives is A OK with him. Of course I prefer fresh made foods .... this has been an issue for a long while now. Any way's fast forward to last night, I'm roasting a chicken that I have stuffed with stuffing, baking biscuit's, gravy, and my family's favorite.... my great grandmother Oakie green beans.

I make his plate and hold my breath..... He takes one bit of those green beans look at me and say's "Oh I LOVE that... like... A LOT!" Go figure.... lol the one thing I make that's veggies, green, and fresh the one thing I was SURE he would turn his little nose up at... he ate up like it was getting ready to run away from him!

Then, today I get a call from my partner... Bubber's lost a tooth! Now IDK about other non parental "parent" people such as myself , but the last time I was THIS excited about the tooth fairy I was.... 6.... gap toothed.... and a silver dollar richer! In fact I think I'm more excited now that I was as a child! (Is it always like that for us grown up's? experiencing child hood all over again and giddy as all heck?)

This whole "raising a child" thing is really new to me still but the more time that goes by the more I really enjoy it. Any one want to share their cute kid story's/memories?

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Just keep kiddo engaged, Don't overwelm. When outside say 'try this!' could be a little veggie or herb. Then if you have flowers, suggest to have him pick fresh blooms for the table.
Little smiles are worth well, all I can say is tears to a glass eye.

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Have him pick a book and read to him.

My 4 year old reads to his 2 year old sister at bed time. It all started with a book.

He likes the weather channel; Storm Stories and Weather Proof, also. 8)

She's a girly girl and has the funniest looks and says "Hey!" when you take a toy away from her. When you call her by name she says "What?" When she wants something she says "Please, please, pleeeeeease." :lol:

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My son (now 30!) was 4 years old and I got him a brand new tricycle (the old fashioned kind shiny red metal). We put it together, he jumped on it and rode it to the corner, while I sat on our walkway and watched. He got off the tricycle, turned to me, waved, said "bye mom, I love you!" Got back on the tricycle and zoomed off around the corner.

It was one of the sweetest, saddest moments ever-- OMG, my baby is leaving home! :)

Motherhood is all about letting go, not only at the end, but all along the way!

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Today the the first time my son ever informed me himself he was sick :(
He was crying and I asked where he hurt and he pointed at his tummy. He threw up a few minutes later :( :roll:
He also said "bubble" in the tub for the first time tonight which was adorable.
I think the cutest/sadest thing he does though is when Dale (my hubby) is home. He is an owner operator truck driver and gone 4-6 days a week most of the time. When he comes home our little guy sits between us and says "mama" and "daddy" while looking from one to the other then just kind of hugs us and sighs like he knows this is how it should be all the time.

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