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Bentley Is Gone

Well, I don't want to cast a pall over the forum but this morning I am sad as I have lost one of my best friends ever.
Bentley, our Shepherd/Collie mix passed last night. He was 16 years old and was a sweet boy to all those who were lucky enough to know him.
He will be deeply missed and thought kindly of. We love you "Bent".

Bentley's Got An Itch:

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Ooh, that's so sad. I'm so sorry. :cry:
It's hard to lose a loyal friend.

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What a sweet-looking dog. I'm so sorry that he had to leave you.

I've lost two dogs now, and many cats (dogs came into my life much later). It's devastating.

Do you have another dog? If so, how is the other dog doing?

Best wishes.

Cynthia, dog and cat "mom"

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Bentley has a 'sister', Oreo who knows he's gone but dogs have a way of moving on and living in the moment. Something I wish I could learn from them.
He has had numerous 'sister's' in his life and one love of his life (other than my wife) who's name was Cocoa. Cocoa was close to his age and they just hit it off together. Inseparable. When she died he mourned her for months.
When we adopted Oreo (a Katrina dog from New Orleans) she was little more than a puppy and he had a difficult time adjusting to her youthfulness and energy even though she followed him around and liked to lay next to him. As was his practice, he accepted her and her nuttiness.
When you get older and go through this experience a few times there is a common thread of feelings that run through you. The pain is intense and you say to yourself, "I won't adopt any painful then they go", but I know I'll be out there looking for a 'brother' for Oreo in time.
This tread has given me a chance to vent and release some of the feelings. An outlet.
Thanks for listening.

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Len, I'm very saddened to hear of Bentley's passing. Pets are so very special. I'm glad you have his sister to help bear the loss and fill the empty spot that Bentley has left.

Best wishes to you! :)

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Dogs are family. I'm sorry

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Here's a <<hug>> for you! We had three dogs and when they died, one by one, the youngest took it very hard. When it was down to him, he found it very hard to adjust. I miss them and would like to get another, but the spousal unit has been adamant about no more dogs for now.

I wouldn't mind renting one for a while...


Here's another <<hug>>, just in case.

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:cry: Very very sorry to hear. I have a older dog myself, I know it's coming.

I will shed a tear for you. :cry:

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I'm sorry to hear that.


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It's so nice to hear the condolences from all of you. It always makes one feel better to hear that others understand.
He was kind of a quiet fellow but for some reason the house seems much less busy and noisy than just a couple of days ago.
This mourning process is difficult but I've been through it previously and know it's necessary. The memories bring alternating smiles and tears.
Thank you all for the thoughts.

Norm, I hope your roof situation is improved. I finally got out to where the cold frame is today to pull the snow off of it. It's a 4 panel frame and 3 of the 4 panels are broken, caved in just from the shear weight of the snow.
Is it any wonder that I despise Winter. I'm so angry.....between losing Bentley and this Winter which just won't go away.
Again, thanks for listening to my upset. :roll:

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Sorry about the loss of Bentley.
We've got dogs too, and they are our best buddies.

Even though ours are still young, my wife and I occasionally talk about how difficult it will be to say goodbye when the time comes. I just keep telling myself to focus on all the good memories and, whenever the time is right, to forge new ones with another dog in need of a good home.

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Oh Len, I just saw this. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I just lost one of my boys on the 10th, so I feel your pain. [url=]Sampson[/url] had been a rescue and we had him for four years. They become such a part of the family.

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