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New grandson

I missed posting on thankful Thursday so am posting here. My grandson was born Thursday the 4th. Everything was going smoothly and then all of a sudden his heart beat started dropping. He apparently flipped over, was coming out feet first and his face was done. He couldn't get air. I never saw them move so fast at the hospitol. They litterally ran her down to an OR room. Never saw so many doctors in 1 place. They did an emergency ceserian. From the room to the time the doctor got him out was under 6 minutes. That was along 6 minutes for all of us. After all the testing both mom and baby are fine. They get to come home Sunday. His name is Landry Michael. Wish I could send picks but take it from me he's adorable.

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:-() !!!WELCOME Landry Michael !!! :-()

Super congrats to you and your family+1. Wait, I can't remember if this is your daughter or DIL, but they live really close by right? I see one baby that's going to get super spoiled by Grandmom. :wink: He'll start eating solids just in time to get fresh home grown veggies. Plant extra peas and carrots! Squash and Pumpkins! Don't forget corn and sweet potatoes, and.... :wink:

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Congratulations!! Sounds incredibly harrowing for a brief time in there, but a happy ending! What a treat to have a grandbaby near by!

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Congratulations! Wonderful news! :D

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Congratulations! You must be so relieved, I hope mum and baby are doing well.

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Many many blessings to the new baby :) :)

...Check on the mama to make sure she's taking care of herself...

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Thanks everyone!! You can bet he's going to be spoiled. They live about 3 miles away so we can see him daily if want. Baby is fine and other then being sore mom is ok. I plan to get him involved with my gardening just like I did his sister. I let her help me plant some of the seeds, weed, and water. Everytime she came over she wanted to check her plants. She even got excited when she found she was eating the green beans she helped grow. Ok... enough. Just wanted to say thanks to all for all your good words :wink:

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