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Cyber Monday makes a lot more sense to me; although it's not ethical (well, unless you own the company), most people have faster Internet connections at work than at home, so....

I have some VERY BAD deadlines on Monday, but drew a line in the sand about having the weekend OFF. I only hope that our company's in-house, but national, email isn't slowed down....these documents take a few megs each....

Cyber Monday, I think, REALLY pulls in the bucks.


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I'm with Marsman... I stay away from malls
during busy seasons. Online is my style! :lol:

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Well, Cyber Monday was yesterday and I did all my shopping for my wife. All done. Woot!

Oh, and when I called the National Geographic store to place an order using their 1-888 number, I miss dialed and used 1-800 instead. I discovered it belongs to an adult service provider. Since I wasn't looking to purchase "hot women" for my wife, I hung up quickly. :lol:

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