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Earl K
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I used to have TWC but they sold out to Brighthouse.I like all CSI's,Iceroad truckers,What about WRECKED-I run equipment so I love those big tow trucks.Not into DWTS this year cause my little cutie Shawn Johnson won last time,But will go for Kelly Osbourne this go around.Deadliest catch,watch when I can,Sons of anarchy-Missed it two days ago but got update from kid at work.Only saw one episode but I like it(the white supremist guy used to sing in a hard core band I used to listen to called Black Flag)He is not that but a very deep person named Henry Rollins.Well I thought I would add my 4 cents.Enjoy :)

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Some folks would say I have no taste... (ahem)
I figured CW was a network, it's on our cable provider, but tough to pull in with an antenna. Over here, TWC is The Weather Channel! Time Warner became Bright House in our neck o' the woods. CW used to mean Country/Western music. OK, so there was a slash in between the letters. :roll:

For an adrenaline rush I like to watch those Food Network cake challenges, and some of the Iron Chef America/Bobby Flay Throwdowns. Yeah, some thrill, but the last few seconds when they're trying to transport 70 #-plus cakes, whew!

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I watch the food shows too. What patience they have and such a love for cooking. I would never want to be a judge though. Last night it was all about snails. :shock:
We kill them they eat them. :?

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I watch Food network all the time--it's always my filler channel when nothing else is on.

I watch: So you think you can dance (first fall season), Warehouse 13 (just ended though--darn!), The Vampire Diaries (on the CW), Dinner Impossible, Ace of Cakes, Ghost Whisperer (finally back except it's now 5 years later--whaaa?! I won't be watching again--just reruns on SciFi (now Syfy).) Ghost Hunters (the original, not international). That might be it. I get bored with shows easy, so I switch it around a lot. Oh, and my DH and I always watch Spongebob when we can. No we don't have kids...

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Forgot "Army Wives". Have seen the actresses in other shows, nice to see them together. I'm sure they've "Hollywooded" the show, but as soaps go, I like it. Especially liked the one where they visited the nursing home (season opener?) but I've always managed to miss the first five minutes, so I don't know why they were there in the first place or how they hooked up with the two women.

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My favs: CSI, CSI NY, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Castle, NCIS and NCIS LA

Of course, DWTS (only reality show I watch).

Have yet to watch Flash Forward, Trauma and Mercy which are saved on my DVR.

I miss Saving Grace and The Closer which are in hiatus for a couple of months. Oh, and Dark Blue and Leverage.

Love, love, love all the cop, forensic, mystery shows. :P :o

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darnit I hate when this happens and it happens all the darn time.

back in the old days shows would be spread out so they could all be watched.

but now there's hundreds of channels and shows and they come and go and you start watching one and then the next week it's off the air or moved time.

Like why does 60 minutes always have to start late? why can't they put the football games on earlier if they know every single week I'm going to have to sit there and watch football while waiting for 60 minutes to come on? I don't get it. 60 minutes has been a great show for a long long time. ever since I can remember, in fact. actually back in the day there were no football games to interrupt 60 minutes.

also one night I was watching some comedy show on the fox network but at the same time there were two other television shows that I planned on watching. how am I suppost to watch the all? why would they put them on at the same time and lose rankings?

Charlie MV
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Dwight, DVR, problem solved and you knock out those pesky loud commercials too.

I like the NCIS twins , Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Law and Orders, Numbers mainly because they rarely do serial style shows. I hate having to remember what happened 3 episodes ago much less 3 seasons ago.

The on demand feature had made me a fan of quite a few shows that I never would have tried. Dexter is one. I'd never have believed that a TV show would ever have me pulling for a serial killer. Nurse Jackie and the USA of Tara are a couple more that I'd have never tried without the on demand feature.

I took a look at all of them during the summer when there was no programming except for reality shows. Now there are about 10 series that we watch on demand. You can watch the entire season in a week or two. With Dexter, we watched the first 3 seasons in 3 weeks.

I'm sorry all that football teams I like suck because I really like skipping commercials while yelling at my favorite team. You don't lose momentum when you skip the commercials.

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