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Usual New Year's greetings

After the fact for the Aus/NZ/Pacific Rim crowd and then some; but HAPPY NEW YEAR to all HG's! So (the following is sung) "What are you doing New Year's, New Year's Eve?"
We have major plans--dinner and a movie...
So, what are/were your plans? I suppose the resolutions should be a different thread.

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After an "interesting" day spent tech editing a document that REALLY didn't want its headers to behave :x, I'll be rotary-cutting fabric for a Quilt Mystery (you cut and sew without knowing what the quilt will look like until the very end) tonight while DH drives to a party of his fantasy-gamer friends.

Reality may not be much fun, but it beats living in a fantasy world. My two cents' worth. YMMV.

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yep we saw new year in before most of you guys :wink: we didnt do much at all, was going to go into town and watch fireworks but DH did 10hrs work in sweltering heat so he was dead by the time he got home, We flicked on the BIG plasmas TV, ate Trifle and popcorn and watched the Fireworks on Sydney Harbour Bridge WITHOUT the crowds of people, it was relaxing and for today we have been out Kayaking wearing off the pudding from last night LOL. All very quiet seeing in 2009 but relaxing.

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