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Roger - I am so glad I found this forum. Although the Business Week recognition is from 08 it is still a feather in your cap. I am constantly impressed by the knowledgeable replies, the laughs I get and most of all the personal concern. Twice I have been absent from the forum for a few days because I was out of town. Both times I received PMs from members asking if I was OK. I am SOOO touched by such personal concern.

Great job and thanks to one and all.

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rainbowgardener wrote:One piece of why HelpfulGardener was named and not other garden forums is that we work very hard at keeping the forum family friendly and with a respectful tone and decommercialized. We try to make this truly a friendly community of gardeners supporting each others endeavors.

That's part of what I really value about it and why I volunteer my time as moderator.
I'm quite new here but I echo all the good things that are being said about The Helpful Gardener. I would like to know more about how it was formed, how and by whom it's sustained and how it's kept commercial-free. It is the best forum-type site I have ever come across and I earnestly hope it will continue forever in its present form. Why is Business Week interested in highlighting a non-commercial website? I find that slightly ominous!

Please somebody in the know create an introductory info package detailing the "provenence" etc. of THG. (Apologies if it already exists and I've missed it; in which case point me there.)

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