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So why are they dropping women's softball from the 2012 Olympics?
Why are the networks not showing the gold medalists receiving their medals and listening to their respective national anthems--are they that pressed for time or is it strictly to show more commercials? I miss seeing the athletes' reactions--go ahead, call me a sentimental old foof, but that was part of the "spirit of sport" for me.
Didja see the pointed, warm greeting in women's beach volleyball between Georgia & Russia? Are any political bodies paying any attention to the better example of the athletes?

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I agree I like seeing the pride on there faces when they put the medals around their neck .no matter what language they speek the smile of pride is the same.

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If you like the athletes reactions did you manage to see the female British rower that came third in her first olympics?

To say that she was tearfully happy was an understatement.

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