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Request for forum improvement

It seems that if I change my signature, the software 'goes back' and deletes my former signature from all previous posts, substituting the new one - which may in some cases be inappropriate. Also if I erase my signature in the user control panel, it will be removed from previous posts where I might wish it to remain.

I would like to see this changed so that any new signature is applied only to the current & future posts, or until such time as I create another new one....

.... reasonable?

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Re: Request for forum improvement

That is an interesting request.

I know that for links, there is a modification that will make links open in a brand new window instead of the same window but that the change only affects posts made after the modification and not retroactively.

I will have to ask someone about this as I never understood why past links were unaffected by the modification while signature links are sitewide and retroactive.

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