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Should I leave fruit rotting on the lawn

We put sod in this spring and in the center of the lawn is a huge appricot tree. The appricots aren't very good, they're small and grow to high so we just let them fall. I did notice that the soil was very rich from years of fallen fruit. I was wondering if it's good to just leave the fruit in the lawn if it helps fertilize the lawn. Or is it bad to let it rot in the lawn?

thanks for any help

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JMO, but if you compost, I think I would rake up the fallen fruit and toss it on the pile.

One thing to consider is the distance of the tree from outdoor areas you use for relaxation, outdoor dining, etc. As fruit rots, it attracts many types of insects, among which are yellow jackets. I don't always remove all the apples from under my apple tree, but it's about 200 feet from my patio area, so the yellow jackets don't bother me. :)

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