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Lawn weeds and new lawn


I had a query which I hope you can help with.

I am based in London, UK with a south facing garden approximately 80sqm.

The lawn has been established for many years but has become overrun with clover. Approximately 80% of the area is covered with white clover. I have attempted to use a herbicide containing 2,4-D and Mecoprop which has succeeded in killing the clover flowers and leaves. The actual roots and stems of the clover remain and do not seem to have been affected by the herbicide. Therefore, these have to be dug out manually. However, due to the amount that exists this seems to be unfeasible.

Are there any other treatments you could suggest?

Alternatively, if I were to re-lay the lawn with new turf, how would I go about this?

Would it be best to use a herbicide that would kill all grass and weeds and turnover the soil? Are there any you can suggest? Before laying new turf, would new top soil be needed?

Or should I dig and remove the turf as it is at the moment so that only soil remains and then lay new turf?

Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks

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