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Turf directly over paving stones


I'm new to the forum and hope you can help. I live in a Victorian town house, that has a stone paved yard. However I'd dearly like to have a lawn rather than paving.

Is there any easy way of turfing over the paving stones without removing them?

Looking on the internet, it looks like if you put down some turf pavers you don't seem to need to put down a lot of soil.

Is this accurate? If so, could anyone recomend the best type to get (on a budget) Your help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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I'm certainly no expert, but the answer would have a lot to do with where you live (what zone and what kind of water and sun you receive). If you are in a warm zone that grows bermuda grass, you could probably grow it on top, but that would probably create an uneven terrain and it would be a problem in the longrun as the soil under the grass would not have any depth, so it would not hold nutrients or moisture. You might want to consider planting a moss or a creeping or wooly thyme in between the cracks of your pavers to give you a green touch, that would be a lot easier to care for than a lawn. Again, it depends on your plant zone and your level of light and water in the specific location as to whether or not you would be successful. Here's a neat picture to give you an idea:

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