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Suggestions please!!

Hey guys,
Last week, I found my lawns aerated. I've seen skunks running around my neighbor's property. I was wondering that it might be the skunks who have done it during the night. Last day, I stood awake at night and found skunks digging my lawn. The naughty skunks are destroying our beautiful lawn. I want to stop them from doing it. Now, I'm thinking about to hire a wildlife removal company in Toronto. Does this decision make sense?

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Re: Suggestions please!!

I believe that they are digging for grubs, I have a similar thing going on this time of year and I'm OK with it.
Try getting rid of the grubs if that is indeed the problem.
They are actually doing you a favor because grubs can cause more damage to your lawn than the skunks.

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Re: Suggestions please!!

I don't have skunks here, but birds do the same thing. Usually, it is because you have chosen a "beautiful" but high maintenance grass.
Happy gardening in Hawaii. Gardens are where people grow.

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Re: Suggestions please!!

Perhaps you could try spritzing hot pepper spray about in your yard. Or lay ammonia soaked rags in places. The smell may deter the skunks. But yes, getting rid of the food source(grubs) for the skunks will probably be the best way to go.

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Re: Suggestions please!!

SQWIB is right skunks are doing you a favor they eat, grubs, ants, termites, slugs, wasp larvae, anything they can dig up. I hate wasps skunks can digs up all wasp larvae they want a beautiful yard is not important to me.

When we lived in town every morning yard smelled like skunks. Local animal control loaned me a trap for 2 days with a tiny amount of sunflower seeds for bate the trap caught nothing. I got my own trap after several experiments I learned 2 day old rotten stinking smelly chicken meat catches skunks. I caught 11 skunks in 11 days. Skunks are top priority on animal controls list they drop everything to pick up a skunk. Skunks are known to carry rabies.

Looks like I wiped out the skunk population I never caught another skunk the 20 years we lived in that house but I caught 2 possums. I caught the neighbors cat about 15 times but never caught my own cats, I guess some cats are smarter than others. LOL Sense then I learned possums are good if you catch one let it go.

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