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another front yard weed ID

this forum is full of good info, can you help me identify these weeds in the front yard.
I live in Chesapeake, Virginia in a somewhat wet front yard. also septic field is in the front yard as well


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Re: another front yard weed ID

I get a weed in the garden called Lady's Thumb (Polygonum persicaria) that looks similar, but it might not be what you have. According to a flower book, and your description so far, it sounds more like some kind of Smartweed (Polygonum ?).

If you want to know what species of Smartweed it is, I will need more info to narrow it down further between potentially 3 species that I am able to look up.

What months do they definitely flower?
How long are the flower clusters along the stem?
What lengths are the leaves?
Does it grow in moist soil or is it more like a swamp?

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Re: another front yard weed ID

I tried to search on google images to know the exact name of the weed, but to no avail! However, it seems like this weed is overtaking the entire lawn. You should remove the weed as soon as possible. Book a vendor for shrub and weed removal.

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Re: another front yard weed ID

If you have a smartphone, try this app

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Re: another front yard weed ID

Pictures are kind of blurry, but yes I agree, smartweed.
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