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Help separating neighbor's weed lawn?

Hello all! I'm new to the forum and relatively new to gardening (renting a home from a landlord that has allowed me free reign - started with a small raised bed garden last year, bulb beds, etc). I'm in Zone 9B if that becomes relevant in this discussion.

Living in the suburbs, I have neighbors on both sides of me. The main half of my quite small front yard is no issue, though previous renters left it full of weeds. I've let it die back and plan to reseed in the spring (I realize fall is better, but that's how it worked out!). The other side of the yard is only a 5' x 10' "grass" patch. I've quoted grass as it butts up directly with the neighbors lawn that is entirely composed of weeds. Ragweed, bermuda grass, vetch, etc all grow freely, and while they mow it, it continually creeps onto my small patch on that side. It's impossible to try to put in real grass there and maintain it, so I'm looking for some small barrier to put along the property line to sort of block their lawn from mine? I'm planning to plant a flower mix there in spring and don't want it taken over by ragweed and the like. I was thinking bricks buried a few inches deep?

Thoughts? Experiences?

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