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burnt and decayed lawn

i am 1 year into gardening now. i moved into property with newly laid lawn which i did not take care and the grass and weeds appeared and grew very tall then i trimmed them and started mowing the grass but it never recovered. since last year i have been using various seeds and lawn thickening formula etc but it never recovered to the extent when it was handed over to us.

i have tried scrapping the surface, aerating it but does not help.
latest i have tried 'after cut' formula and seeds have been eaten by birds...what to do?

i could post some pics and if someone could advise..


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Re: burnt and decayed lawn

Photos may help. Did you over fertilize it or put too much weed and feed down?
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Re: burnt and decayed lawn

Knowing your location would help. Your soil type is also necessary information.

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