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L shaped burn marks popping up in yard

I live in Massachusetts and this season I have been getting a significant amount of L shaped burn marks in my lawn roughly 1ft x 1ft. I just can't figure it out. It makes no sense. I don't own a dog. I am suspecting deer. I don't think it is my fertilizer because it pops up randomly. Over the course of this season I have had this happen about 15 times. I had it happen a few times last year. I'm so confused as to why they are L shaped marks.

I've put out a trail camera but haven't gotten anything on camera except for me mowing the lawn.

Any thoughts??? I find nothing on the internet about this except for dog urine issues.

Thank you

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Re: L shaped burn marks popping up in yard

Pretty sure it's just crop circles. :-()

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Re: L shaped burn marks popping up in yard

riding lawn mower? are the l shaped dead spots where you turn hard?

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