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Help. I want a greener lawn.

Hi all,

I recently had to reseed my entire front lawn, last summer's heat completely destroyed it. Looks like it is coming in, but some patches are a bit slower to come in. I was wondering if it is normal for the new grass to be a light colour green. My neighbor decided to resod his yard and the Kentucky blue looks really dark in comparison with mine. Mine also has Kentucky blue, so I wonder what gives. I have fertilized it with some turf builder from Scotts for newly planted grass, but I am wondering if I have done something wrong or I just have to wait. Could it be that lawn from seed is always lighter in colour?

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Re: Help. I want a greener lawn.

If you reseeded an old lawn that was more than 7 years old, it probably needed some renovation. You can try to aerate/ top dress and feed the lawn with lawn fertilizer that contains iron. Next year consider renovating the lawn. You can do it in sections or hire it out. It is expensive but will give you better results in the long run.

Turf is very hungry. It needs nitrogen and a lot of water. Lawns should be renovated either in the Spring or the fall depending on where you live. Pale grass usually means not enough nutrients. Slow growth = lack of nutrients and/or water, and/or compacted soil. ... renovation
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