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Winter lawn care in forested area

Hi there,
I am a new user of this forum and after looking for answers to my problem in previous postings I find I need to ask a specific question. My lawn is in a forested area. What was once a blemish free lawn after the addition of a 3" layer of topsoil and grass seed just three years ago has become an area that has very little grass. The trees are primarily Douglas Fir and Garry Oaks. The amount of needles, cones and Oak leaves that cover my lawn is incredible. In the fall, I do my best t rake up and cart them away but there is still a large amount that gets mulched into the grass. I am looking for advice on the types of fertilizer or chemicals I can add to the soil to counteract the needles and Oak leaves that cover the grassy areas. Suggestions are welcomed.


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Re: Winter lawn care in forested area

Pine needles are acidic. It's possible the soil is too acidic, which would not be good for the lawn. Try to get a soil test done. Here's a post about lowering the acidity of the soil.

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