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Help with my lawn! St Augustine Brown Patches

I planted St Augustine sod a while back. Now I have all these brown patches/dying grass. I know nothing about this stuff but have been reading online. Is it thatch, disease, another invasive grass that's dying,or is this all SA? I know some of it is SA, maybe the dying part too but it looks different...more wiry, hairy, grows up in a bunch sometimes.

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Re: Help with my lawn! St Augustine Brown Patches


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I live in south Louisiana. St. Augustine is the grass of choice. There are many things that can cause the conditions that you describe.

I can not even begin to answer you questions without more information.

What is your location - specifically? What are your soil conditions? How much rainfall do you get? Do you have a sprinkler system?

There are many variables that can have a negative effect on your St. Augustine.
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