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Help me identify this (?)weed pleeaseee

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This grass is taking over my lawn.I tried every type of lawn safe herbicide on it.It just won't work.Any help is appreciated in identifying and eradicating this.

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Re: Help me identify this (?)weed pleeaseee

It looks like a sedge. You can either dig is out or use a post emergent herbicide like Round up on it. Spray only the sedge, Round up will kill the grass it touches. You could apply the round up with a disposable foam paint brush. Do use gloves and follow all the label instructions.
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Re: Help me identify this (?)weed pleeaseee

If it was in my lawn and garden - quackgrass would be my guess.

It is a grass like the Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue in my lawn, a perennial. I could kill all three of them with an herbicide but there isn't an herbicide that will kill one grass and leave the others, that I'm aware of.

If it's quackgrass, it has rhizomes and those will have to be removed or those "underground stems" will grow another plant.

What I would do is use a spading fork to loosen the soil. In the garden, I can then use a long-handled cultivator to flip the plant out of the loose soil. In the lawn, I would be interested in leaving as much of the lawn grass as possible while not breaking and leaving any of those pesky quackgrass rhizomes. So, I would be sitting on a stool with a short three-prong cultivator working the weeds out.

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Re: Help me identify this (?)weed pleeaseee

Spot treatment with a grass killer is what I would recommend. It looks like what we call clump grass, a sharp bladed, deep rooted, tough to kill grass. Even with Grass B Gone it takes several treatments to eliminate that stuff. It's nearly impossible to dig out and pulling it just cuts your fingers.

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Re: Help me identify this (?)weed pleeaseee

Thank you all for the help.You guys are wonderful.I am going to dig these suckers out.

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