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How to kill weeds without preventing grass growth

I am preparing to plant a few acres of centipede grass. I have recently cleared, cleaned and leveled the area. However, there are various broadleaf type weeds throughout. I have looked into spraying the weeds, however, most sprays that I have looked at will also prevent the grass growth for a few months. Are there any herbicides that will quickly kill the weeds without preventing new grass from germinating?

The other option is to pull all of the weeds, but this could take a while to finish. I am hoping to get the grass planted relatively soon.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: How to kill weeds without preventing grass growth

The other option is just to till them under. Preferably till your area once, let it sit 2-3 weeks for the weed seeds to sprout and till it again. Then plant immediately.

But you didn't say where you are. The heat of summer is the worst time to plant grass seed. Grass seed is planted in spring or fall. If you are somewhere hot and dry, you would probably have to water your grass seed twice a day for a few weeks. And if you miss a day, it will dry up and die.

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Re: How to kill weeds without preventing grass growth

If you use glyphosate. The regular one, not the extended version it does not persist and you can plant in a couple of weeks. You may need to water let the weeds grow and repeat several times to get the tougher weeds. Repeat tilling and watering will do the same thing provided the weeds do not resprout from nodes. The main thing is not to let them go to seed. Seeds will not be killed by weed killer so you have to sprout them and apply weed killer afterwards. Why do you have so many acres in grass?

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