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New Turf Problems, very weird!

I had a new lawn laid at the weekend, and it already has brown patches and lines, but not where the joins are!
  • -Rowlawn medallion turf
    -Ground was fully rotovated
    -Nothing else underground
    -No treatments added
    -No pets, and no animals accessing garden
    -South East England
    -Sprinkler on for around 20-30 minutes everynight
    -Sunny each day
Any thoughts about what is causing this, and how to deal with it?! Is this common with new lawns?

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That is strange it is like somebody rolled a heavy cart over it. If this is new turf. Water it 4 times a day until it is rooted. Feed it once a month for the first year and don't be in a hurry to mow. Mow it high for summer. The grass should be able to fill it in if not then you can do some repair work. But for now I would just try to keep it from spreading.

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