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Should I sod or seed this patch? (image attached)

Hello. I just moved into a new home a month ago and am looking for some advice on how to deal with a square area in my backyard that used to have a playset on top of it. The playset was inside a contained area that was filled with wood chips.

Last year, the previous homeowner removed the playset and the woodchips and seeded grass. However, the dirt in this area has settled a couple inches, and now this square area is recessed from the rest of my yard by about 2 or 3 inches. The grass is starting to come in pretty well, but I don't wan't that little 2 or 3 inch "dropoff" in the yard.

If I have enough black dirt brought back in to level off this recessed area, if I were to seed grass will it be like starting from scratch or will I have a head start considering the existing grass that has already taken root? Otherwise, is it possible to get sod that is cut a little deeper and just lay sod over this area (assuming I'd need to till and rake out the area first)?

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Re: Should I sod or seed this patch? (image attached)

So, I think either way you are gonna have to backfill to bring that up level with the rest of the yard. The cheaper route, IMO, would be to just backfill it, and then seed it. Sod is just SO EXPENSIVE! At least this way, after things settle and root, you won't have to be covering established, expensive sod with MORE backfill, and then reseeding.

There ARE sod cutters for rent in my town for a really reasonable price. If the grass is really nice, you could cut that grass up with the sod cutter and then backfill with dirt, and then put your own sod back down.

:idea:) I have a better idea though!

Now, that is a REALLY nice size spot for a veggie garden! So you COULD just rip out the grass and make that spot produce food for you and your family! Which would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than grass. :-() :wink:

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