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Hello Everyone,

we built a new house on 2 acres of land about a year and half ago and now I am finally getting around to doing landscaping and yard work. We too the tool soil off the land and ran it though the screener to remove all debris and mixed in sand with the first. We then spread all 350 yards or so and raked it out even and planted grass. after fighting off bird from taking my seed my grass has grown in nice. not prefect but nice. I have a a type of grass that was natural that I call horse tail. I have no idea if thats whats it called but I want to get rid of it before it takes over. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what to do.
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Have you considered a lawn treatment package? I'd recommend finding a vendor that uses Holganix. You also might want to consider topdressing. Since you have fresh soil, you shouldn't need aeration. Remember, the only way to have a truly weed free lawn is to have healthy, uncompacted soil underneath.

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