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Straw nilon mesh netting

Hi everyone. I had a question about the straw nilon erosion netting that I put down after i sewed the seed for my yard.

I sewed the seed on 8/28/15 along with some starter fertilizer in my yard that was well tilled. I went to take the straw netting up about a week ago when it hadn't rained for a while and as I started to pull it up much of the grass was came up with it. I stopped at that little 4x4 section, cut that part and left all the rest.

Today I went out and finally mowed the grass which had grown to about my knee. As I was mowing I noticed many spots with broadleaf grass growing in, more than I felt like pulling. I was thinking about buying something from the store to kill the broadleaf or paying for someone to spray the yard but then noticed all the straw that was still able to be seen.

All this being said I worry the straw will keep good grass from growing and also keep any fertilizer/weed killer from working. So my questions are as follows:

1.) Should I pull the nilon mesh up?

2.) Will the straw be detrimental to the yard? I also worry about mold.

3.) When should I start spraying or putting down weed killer?

4.) Which is better to do, spray or weed killer?

Also, I live in Kentucky if that helps you know what type of whether I'm having. Thanks for any info. If you need a picture of the areas I can take a few.

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