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What is this growing in my yard

I live in southwest Missouri, Springfield to be exact. I have several patches of some kind of weed or grass growing in my established lawn. So far I can control the size and density of the patches by simply pulling up each individual plant by the root. I imagine there is a lawn spray that will get rid of this offensive plant. It is lighter in color than the lawn and grows about four times faster. Photos posted to help.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: What is this growing in my yard

I think it is probably nutsedge, I.e. nutgrass.

If you pull on it, it tends to break off as you pictured.

If you dig it out, you will find coming off the roots, tiny round tubers, from which it gets the nut name:


It is difficult to control. If you leave any of the tubers in the ground, they just regrow. If you dig the small plants before they have 5-6 leaves, they won't have made any tubers yet. Most herbicides don't work very well on them - even if they kill the leaves, they don't kill the tubers.

Here's a thread we had about nutsedge control: https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/vi ... ol#p310163

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Re: What is this growing in my yard

Sedge Hammer kills nut sedge only not grass, you can't pull it you'll only invigorate new growth by pulling it. spray a nut sedge killer go to a fertilizer supply company not Home Cheap O they don't know what they're doing Go to Lesco

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