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new home owner - what should I do with this?

Hello! I'm a new home owner in Dallas TX, and I don't know anything about nature :-)

I'm looking for some tips and techniques to have a good looking property without making it a time-sink hobby.

#1: There's a framed arch in the side entrance to my back yard. Currently there are some dry-looking vines snaking up the sides and over the top. I've cleared everything obstructing the pathway. Is there something better to do here?
#2: There's a pathway through the shade of a fig tree on the other side of the house. Half of this is framed with stones and is mulched, then it stops and is parched bare (weedy) ground. I'm thinking of continuing the stones and mulching up until the grass line. Any tips on this, and tips on how to keep the weeds out?
#3: My back yard. I posted before ( ... 32&t=64199) about whether or not the plants in the sectioned-off periphery of my yard were weeds. The consensus was yes. About half of the periphery is un-mulched and covered in weeds, but I kind of like the look. Is there any danger here or reason I shouldn't keep it how it is (trimming it under control a bit)?
Half of the periphery is mulched and I've cleared weeds. I'm not sure what to do here, but want something relatively simple with low future maintenance. Should I decorate this space somehow, or plant something?

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Re: new home owner - what should I do with this?

I am bumping this since you did not get any replies. It is actually hard to suggest ways to fix an existing landscape especially when we have no idea of where you are located, the kind of sun/shade the yard is in and what the whole plan looks like.

It would help if you update your profile with your zone and location. Although you have given us pictures of the problem spots, you need to have an overall plan for what you envision and it helps if we have an idea of what the whole thing looks like.

As for the shady corner. If you like that tree, I would repurpose the area as an outdoor entertainment area or play area for the kids. It is too shady for anything except a shade garden and your soil looks very dry so I don't think you water much. A shade garden would need to have more water. Border beds up against a fence are hard to plant. Those areas are best kept clear for maintenance or pathway. Actually the best place for the garden would probably be in the middle of the yard where the sun is.
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Re: new home owner - what should I do with this?

He lives in TX where they get no Rain. don't plant anything that needs a lot of water. cut down everything you don't like and plant with things you do. Sounds simple doesn't it. make sure you don't have to break the bank to keep it watered bring in a real landscaper and pay him to tell you what to do it will be worth the $100 or so

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