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Starting New Lawn in Dallas, TX

I live in North Texas and I am having a pool and all the decking removed tomorrow. After everything is removed and filled in I will have a giant yard of fresh dirt. My question is what should I do from there. I think I'd like to plant grass at this time.

They will be using standard fill dirt but the contractor told be he would make sure the last truck load was "good dirt" and I would not need top soil.

My back yard is very heavily shaded. I've had issues with grass in the past in the small areas that were not covered by pool or deck Previous home owner put in SA sod and it all died.

I've read that TifGrand and Celebration were good choices for heavy shade. Any thoughts?

Other questions

Do I have to sod or can I put out seed?
Will I need to do any prep work like tilling?
Should I put down, fertilizer, peat moss, or any other products before I put in the grass?

Thank you

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