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What to do with my lawn, dried out and weeds everywhere

Hi all,

So last summer here in northern CA I decided to completely stop watering my front lawn. It was already a really tough lawn to keep alive previously, with many dry patches (dirt showing) and it seemed like the grass was very old. So I let it all go. Now my yard looks like a disaster, all dried out and covered in Oxalis and other weeds. I had planned to put a new lawn this spring, but since we are still in severe drought I may not. I feel bad because most of the neighbors have perfectly manicured and lush green lawns. question is, are there any ideas you could provide that I could do in the meantime to make the front look at least a little better? I was thinking of having it all tilled over and flattened, so that at least it was all one color (brown) and free of weeds. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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Since water is a problem, do you really need a lawn? Reduce the lawn to what you absolutely need for recreational use and xeriscape the rest.

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Agreed. "Lush green lawn" in the midst of California drought ought to be a crime.

As imafan says, look in to xeriscaping -- it is the art of landscaping with desert adapted plants, that (ONCE ESTABLISHED) should need little to no watering.

It can be as lush and colorful or as spare as you would like, but either way is low maintenance:


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